Rather than oral medication, or going under the surgeon’s knife, physiotherapy treats patients’ injuries, disorders or disability through physical methods.

Physiotherapy includes exercise, massage, movement or manual therapy, coupled with education and advice by the physiotherapist, to help improve the patient’s overall lifestyle.

If you’ve just undergone major surgery or a life-altering event like a stroke, physical therapy can be, and is used to help you recover or rehabilitate your affected limb or limbs, restore your strength and motion, even learn to use an artificial limb!

Carried out by physical therapists, these are licensed allied health professionals, who have received specific training in physical therapy, and in Malaysia, are represented by the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association as the country’s professional body.

When should you seek physiotherapy?

Pain relief

Besides physical exercise and manipulation, therapy also helps you recover by encouraging the production of your body’s natural painkillers 

Improve mobility

 Instead of letting pain disable you, physical therapy teaches you to understand, manage your pain, then to move and function in a safe manner 


 Following surgery or a stroke, physical therapy around the affected areas helps you restore strength, activity and motion while alleviating pain too


Michelle Khoo Hui Li

A clinical physiotherapist with over five years of experience, Michelle specializes in musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.

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