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Walk-In Schedule

Jaya One

Petaling Jaya (see map)

Monday, Jun 24
On Duty
Dr. Richard10AM - 8PM
Dr. Farah10AM - 5PM
Dr. Mohan5PM - 8PM
On Duty
Jun 25Dr. Richard10AM - 5PM
Jun 25Dr. Farah10AM - 5PM
Jun 25Dr. Hanis5PM - 8PM
Jun 25Dr. Mohan5PM - 8PM
Jun 26Dr. Farah10AM - 8PM
Jun 26Dr. Durga10AM - 4PM
Jun 26Dr. Mohan5PM - 8PM
Jun 27Dr. Richard10AM - 8PM
Jun 27Dr. Hanis10AM - 8PM
Jun 28Dr. Richard10AM - 8PM

Menara K1

off Jalan Klang Lama (see map)

Monday, Jun 24
On Duty
Dr. Teh10AM - 6PM
On Duty
Jun 25Dr. Teh10AM - 6PM
Jun 26Dr. Teh10AM - 6PM
Jun 27Dr. Teh10AM - 6PM
Jun 28Dr. Teh10AM - 6PM
Jun 29Dr. Andrew10AM - 3PM

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General Health

Not sure where to start? Consult a general practitioner as initial care.

Mental Health

Address the social and emotional concerns you may be experiencing.

Sexual Health

Protect your overall health and wellbeing with scheduled screenings.

Preventative Health

Stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary.


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