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Diagnostic Scan

Get visual information on your body’s internal organs for diagnosis and treatments.

Sonography is the use of specialised equipment, which create non-ionizing, high-frequency sound waves to generate images of a patient’s internal organs and tissue.

One of the simplest examples of sonography (sono – “sound”; graphy – a “type of printing” or process of recording) is that of an ultrasound scan, creating images of an unborn child during pregnancy.

Aside from pregnancy, doctors can also order specific ultrasound scans for you as a patient, to help diagnose an illness, or you can get it done as part of an overall wellness screening.

Ultrasound is generally painless – besides the machine, there’s no need for needles or blades, and you are not exposed to ionizing radiation the same way as an X-ray or CT/CAT scan.

Sonography is less expensive than other diagnostic methods, and are better able to capture images of soft tissues than an X-ray.

To find out what ultrasound you will need, speak to a doctor.

When should you get a sonograph?


Ultrasounds enable your doctor to check on your baby’s health and development. It’s the first time you get to “see” your baby’s limbs, and even gender.

Patient Diagnostics

When ultrasound image data is combined with other data, your doctor is able to produce a more accurate diagnosis.

Surgery and Treatment

Doctors can perform procedures and direct treatment with better accuracy and results, due to improving technology, and non-invasive imaging.

Meet our sonographers.

Yong Hua Bin
MD, PgDMU (Asia)

Hua Bin is a graduated sonographer trained in antenatal obstetric ultrasound as well as general ultrasound scanning including abdomen, pelvis, vascular, and smaller parts. He works closely with physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients by assisting them with clinically relevant information from the ultrasound scans.

Learn more about our ultrasound services.

Doppler scans

This procedure helps doctors detect issues with your heart and blood vessels by showing the direction, speed, and flow of blood in your arteries and veins.

Pregnancy scans

Pregnancy growth scans are prenatal ultrasounds that assess your baby’s size and well-being, giving important insights into their growth and development.

Detailed scans

Detailed / anomaly scans are used to find out if your baby has any abnormal organ or body structure and is best performed when you are in 18 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Other scans

These may include thyroid, breast and/or abdominal scans and may be recommended as part of diagnostics or addressing preventive health concerns.
For a full list of ultrasound services, please contact the clinic at 010-873 0175.

Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

Dr Hanis Saadah Husin
Family Medicine Specialist

Services available: General Consultation

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Hanis has a special interest in chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. She also enjoys guiding expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journeys. She firmly believes that good communication between healthcare providers and patients is key in achieving patient-orientated care.

MBBS (Malaya)
MFamMed (Malaya)

Professional Memberships:
Malaysian Medical Council, Registration No: 48764
National Specialist Register, Registration No:137148
Family Medicine Specialists' Association Malaysia
Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society
Malaysian Society of Hypertension

English, Malay

Dr Andrew Yap
General Practitioner

Services available: General Consultation

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Andrew has been the proprietor of The Red Clinic since its inception in 2017. His keen interest in infectious diseases has carved out a unique professional path in primary care. He is the only private practice GP who is currently a committee member of the Malaysian Society of HIV Medicine (MASHM).

MB BCh BAO (National University of Ireland)
LRCSI (Licentiate from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)
LRCPI (Licentiate from the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland)

Professional Memberships:
Malaysian Medical Council, Registration No: 50100
Malaysian Medical Association, Life Time Membership
Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society, Registration No: 0579
Malaysian Society for HIV Medicine, Committee Member

English, Malay

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