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Dietary Health 

Learn how to manage your health and medical conditions by making informed decisions about your what you eat and drink.

Registered dietitians are qualified healthcare professionals who provide comprehensive dietary advice to promote better health and wellbeing, reduce risk of diet-related chronic diseases, delay onset of diseases and disease management.

They will help you understand your dietary requirements based on your health status, as it varies between individuals and life stages. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ diets. Every individual is unique, thus the importance of individually tailored advice to address your concerns.

A typical dietetic consultation includes detailed assessments of medical history, nutritional status, diet and lifestyle. You will then be provided with a personalized dietary advice. Short and long-term goals will also be discussed.

Dietetic consultations are provided to individuals with the following conditions but not limited to: weight management, type 2 diabetes, aging health issues, high cholesterol, liver disease, heart condition, digestive problems (i.e constipation, bloating) and post stroke recovery.

When should you see a dietitian?

Optimize health

Learn how to make informed and practical food and lifestyle choices to optimize your nutrition and health

Reduce risk of diseases

Early diet and lifestyle modification can reduce your chance of being diagnosed with diet-related diseases in the future, such as diabetes and fatty liver disease

Disease management

Appropriate dietary and lifestyle management helps in symptom control, prevent disease-related complications, and in some cases delay disease progressions too

Yivon Cheah

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics
Yivon is a registered clinical dietitian, trained in specific areas such as post-stroke, geriatric, and gastroenterology. As a dietitian, she will help patients manage their medical conditions, by advising them to make informed and practical choices about their food and nutrition.

Our dietitian is available for in-person and online consultations.

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