HIV Testing and Care 

Kinder and accessible care for people living with HIV.

HIV Testing and Care:

We offer comprehensive and recent HIV testing technology and medication to our PrEP/PEP patients during initial and follow-up appointments. 

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, The Red Clinic is here to help. Our doctors, dietician, and clinical psychologists are here to walk with you through this journey by doing what we can to ensure you are supported in your healthcare while providing an environment that is completely confidential, non-judgmental, and safe. So if you are living with HIV and want to make an appointment, please call or schedule an appointment today. Our service providers are available online and in person. 


How do I start my HIV care with The Red Clinic?

The Red Clinic will perform preliminary testing before starting your care. If you receive an HIV diagnosis, we can address your questions and discuss treatment options, which may or may not include referrals to see our fellow dietician and/or clinical psychologist. We believe that with integrated and all-rounded support, you are able to live a healthy life. 


 How does HIV Treatment work?

HIV is entirely treatable, but adherence to your prescribed treatment is key. There is not yet a cure for HIV, but with the right treatment, you can achieve a healthy immune system and an undetectable viral load. 

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