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Mental Health

This practice addresses the social and emotional concerns people may experience at work, school, family or in their own personal lives.

Who is this service for?

Contrary to popular myths, you don’t need to be “crazy”, at your wits’ end, or on the verge of a breakdown to need psychological counseling. It can be as simple as feeling “off”, feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, or undergoing a major life event.

Another myth is that just because you’re facing mental pressure or uncontrollable emotions right now, that doesn’t mean you’re in for long years of therapy.

Instead of muddling through life and trying to “work through” our rut or depression, we can seek out the listening ear of an unbiased, caring professional, who provides a safe space where we can talk without judgement. In fact, studies have shown that counseling patients feel better mentally after eight to 10 visits.

Psychologists also provide psychological assessment and diagnosis, and treatment for more severe psychological symptoms patients experience.


When should you seek therapy?

Improve mental health

With the daily grind and a need to maintain a strong front, what is needed is a safe space for patients to open up about problems they’re facing in life

Identity development

We may be struggling with pressures, social roles, even our sexuality. Talking about issues to an unbiased professional, in a safe environment, helps give us clarity

Distress or trauma

Major loss, a traumatic incident or a life-changing event can cause pain which, the earlier we talk to someone about it, the sooner we can learn to cope

Our Mental Health Team

Azreen Pharmy

Masters, Clinical Psychology
Bachelors, Psychology (Hons)
Azreen consults patients who struggle with depression and anxiety, role transition issues, relationship conflicts, chronic pain & illness, and patients trying to find meaning and purpose in life.

Nat Siow

Masters, Marriage, Couple and Family Counselling
Bachelors, Psychology
Nat values the importance of collaboratively creating a humanity affirming space with his clients. He hopes to come alongside people as they process through difficulties that come up in life whether it be relational dynamics, grief, trauma and/or exploring LGBTQIA+ identity.


Khor Mei Mei

Masters, Clinical Psychology
Bachelors, Psychology (Hons)
Mei Mei, or just Mei, works collaboratively with individuals, couples, and families, addressing a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, mood and personality disorder, as well as adjustments to life changes.

Our therapists are available for both in-person and online sessions.

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Send us a WhatsApp message at +6010-873 0175 anytime during our operation hours.

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